• 2,000 total helicopter flight hours
  • 1,000 total helicopter PIC hours
  • 1,000 turbine hours
  • 200 helicopter night flight hours (aided and/or unaided
  • 50 hours actual weather or simulated weather flight hours
  • Current FAA commercial rotorcraft certification
  • Current FAA Class II medical
  • Helicopter Instrument Rating
  • Helicopter flight currency a must!


  • Valid A&P license
  • Minimum 3 years direct helicopter maintenance experience
  • At least 6 months aircraft maintenance work during the past 24 months
  • Bell 407 or H135 maintenance experience preferred
  • Inspection Authorization and additional FAA/FCC ratings a plus
  • IFR helicopter avionics and auto pilot experience preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of FARs
  • Experience in performing detailed helicopter inspections, main rotor/tail rotor balancing and major repairs required


Med-Trans’ Substance Abuse Policy for Applicants