Step 1: One Call, “Easy Button” Approach

  • EMERGENCY DISPATCH (855) 359-1052
  • 24x7x365 Communications Center, complete vertical integration from initial phone call to final delivery of the patient or specialty team.

Step 2: Pre-Flight Preparation

  • Flight Com’s Communication Specialist ensure strreamlined logistical coordination with the healthcare facility, flight crew and ground transport providers.

Step 3: Launch

  • Med-Trans’ team takes flight to secure safe transport of the patient or specialty transport team, bedside-to-bedside including ground services.
  • Updated ETA’s provided to EMS and to healthcare facility once aircraft is airborne.


Fixed Wing Quick Facts:

  • Cruise Range: 900-1000 nm
  • Cruise Altitude: 27,000 feet
  • Cruise Speed: 280-310 MPH
  • Patients: 1
  • Medical Personnel: Up to 4
  • Bases: 21 Locations
  • Area of Operations: US – Domestic