Emergent Air Operations

Emergent Air Operations

Med-Trans creates value by providing customized air medical transport solutions to meet our partners’ unique requirements.

You name it—we’ll provide it, from improved maintenance, equipment and flight options to professional medical teams, pilots and industry-leading Safety Management System, we will tailor a flight program that will exceed your needs.

Your name is always out in front with our customized emergency transport programs.

Our customized solutions make us an industry leader.

We Can Provide

  • Program continuity — culture, branding and clinical control
  • Detailed project management ensuring seamless service to your region
  • Customized training programs
  • Enhanced safety measures (NVG, CRM, SMS) and improved processes (integrated transfer systems) for better services
  • Increased marketing resources and access to membership services, the largest of its kind in the U.S

A Global Medical Response Solution

Global Medical Response is changing the face of healthcare for patients in communities, work settings and homes. We believe that no matter who you are, or where you are, you deserve timely, equitable and appropriate access to healthcare.

GMR’s scope of services covers ground and air emergency medical services, air and ground interfacility transportation and managed transportation. With more than 39,000 team members and 8,600 ground fleet, 375 rotor-wing and 132 fixed-wing assets, we provide unrivaled offerings.

As a GMR company, Med-Trans is committed to establishing customized air ambulance relationships with leading health systems, medical centers and EMS agencies spanning multiple geographic locations, Med-Trans offers a broad range of solutions to help its partners achieve successful patient outcomes.

Fixed Wing Request Process

Step 1: One Call, “Easy Button” Approach
  • Emergency Dispatch: 855.359.1052
  • 24x7x365 Communications Center, complete vertical integration from initial phone call to final delivery of the patient or specialty team.
Step 2: Pre-Flight Preparation
  • FlightCom’s Communication Specialist ensure streamlined logistical coordination with the healthcare facility, flight crew and ground transport providers.
Step 3: Launch
  • Med-Trans’ team takes flight to secure safe transport of the patient or specialty transport team, bedside-to-bedside including ground services.
  • Updated ETA’s provided to EMS and to healthcare facility once aircraft is airborne.