The H125 is the ultimate high-altitude helicopter in civilian use, the only helicopter to twice land atop Mount Everest.  Used exclusively throughout Med-Trans’ high-altitude footprint, the H125 provides the best platform available for use in high, hot & heavy environments.

The H125 boasts a 950 Horsepower Arriel 2D engine known for its reliability, easy starts and quick shutdowns.  The modular, fail safe, high inertia rotor system is tough, easy to maintain and a pleasure to fly.  All of Med-Trans’ H125’s are equipped with crash worthy fuel tanks.  A pilot friendly FADEC, dual hydraulics and the most advanced avionics make the H125 a very friendly helicopter!

Airbus H125 QUICK FACTS:

  • Uncompromised High-Altitude Performance
  • Arriel D2 950 Horsepower Engine
  • Fail Safe, High Inertia Rotor System
  • Dual-Channel FADEC
  • Dual Hydraulics
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Crash Worthy Fuel Tank
  • Rapid Loading System with Sliding Doors
  • Fast, 130 Knots Real World Cruising Speed