When it comes to an interior friendly EMS helicopter, the H130 is the King.  Extremely roomy, the H130 can easily accommodate all the equipment required in the EMS industry and then some, making it the favorite amongst med crews.

The H130’s 950 Horsepower Arriel 2D engine is acclaimed for its reliability, easy starts and quick shutdowns.  The modular, fail safe, high inertia rotor system is tough, easy to maintain and a pleasure to fly.  The reliable and quiet fenestron provides added safety in the off-airport environments.  All of Med-Trans’ H130s are equipped with crash worthy fuel tanks.  A dua-channel FADEC and the most advanced avionics make the H130 a very friendly helicopter!

Airbus H130 QUICK FACTS:

  • Extremely Spacious Interior
  • 950 Horsepower Arriel 2D Engine
  • Fail Safe, High Inertia Rotor System
  • Dual-Channel FADEC
  • Safe and Quiet Fenestron
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Crash Worthy Fuel Tank
  • Rapid Loading System with Sliding Doors
  • Fast, 130 Knots Real World Cruising Speed