Highly Skilled Crews Lead To Highly Successful Outcomes.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive training program for new-hire candidates and veteran Med-Trans aviators alike. New-hire training includes a complete review of FAR’s, aviation weather, navigation, airspace, aeromedical, aerodynamics, and blood borne pathogens.  Aircraft topics include an in depth study of systems, emergency and normal procedures, performance planning, limitations and weight and balance.  New-hire flight training consists of day, night, instrument, and since 2006, night vision goggles.

Med-Trans’ recurrent flight and ground training has always been well beyond the minimums required by the FAA and most other operators.  Ground training is currently performed by monthly quizzes covering every aspect of Part 135 operations.  Our flight training is conducted every 90 days under all conditions, day, unaided night, instrument and NVG.  Since all MTC aircraft are fully IFR equipped, an integral part of every recurrent training session includes precision and non-precision approaches simulating recovery from inadvertent IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions).