State-Of-The-Art Technology For Enhanced Safety And Performance.

  • Night Vision Goggles – capable aircraft and crews providing a significant increase in the level of risk mitigation for night flights over unfamiliar terrain.
  • XM Satellite Weather – provides pilots with real-time weather updates in the cockpit (TCAS – H135/H145) to avoid other aircraft in the increasingly busy airspace.
  • Satellite tracking of flights – allows for continuous near real-time monitoring for all aircraft in the regional communication centers.
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (HTAWS) – shows approaching obstacles, so pilots can steer clear well in advance.
  • GPS – an all-in-one GPS, navigation and communication unit that makes navigation calculations and map redraw rates at a fast speed making it easier for pilots to read and interpret critical information.
  • Integrated satellite telephone technology – ensures communications beyond line of sight radio coverage areas.